All good & bad things must come to an end.

Hi, I'm the creator of

As many of you know, I'm a 17 year old college student. I built this website to provide reliable statistics about the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Throughout this, I have received immense support from people internationally. I've received many thank you messages, improvement tips, and so much more.

But unfortunately, the scale of the pandemic has grown too large. It's difficult to provide the most updated data fast and reliably. Moreover, I've been losing some money keeping this website up and running.

Therefore, I've made the unfortunate decision of shutting down the website as It's much too difficult for me to maintain it, as I have some other on-going projects too.

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Many other great sites, trackers and resources are available to stay up to date with the COVID-19 Pandemic. There are even Country-specific Trackers for most regions.

You can reach out to me at @demonicious_ on twitter.

I hope my website has been beneficial to you, and Thank you for your continued support!

Goodbye, For Now, & Stay Safe :)